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Margaret King was teetering on the edge of her “empty nest” thinking, “As truly rewarding as it has been to raise and blend a family with six children; doing so, while having a full-time career, has been quite exhausting! I can’t wait to have a moment to myself!”  While these thoughts were true, she had come to realize that there were also deep feelings of loss, loneliness, and bewilderment — emotions she had not expected to experience to such a degree.


Follow King’s adventurous and insightful journey as she moves on from her primary role of raising kids to re-discovering herself in all that lies ahead: an emotional path filled with both the challenges and possibilities of this uncharted territory. Learn how to view this part of your life as an opening door, a gateway to opportunities you may have never previously pondered. With compassion and courage, King leads you through a pathway to joy, to the exploration of self, to the giving of oneself, and to a legacy for not only your beloved children but one that will live on in the hearts of many others.


Meg's Soar Reviews...

"A beautifully written book. Very professional yet very personal. The author's struggles with an empty nest and her determination to overcome the drastic change in life are full of hope and happiness. She makes suggestions that are simple but realistic. Mostly, she encourages her readers to look at their life and take advantage of the opportunities the new role presents."

"I read this book a few days before dropping my firstborn off at college. I still have one at home for 2 more years, then I'll be an empty nester. This book really helped me to remain positive during my bittersweet goodbye to my son, and I'll use this book as a reference guide to prepare for my future empty-nester phase. The key messages for me are: create a forward-looking legacy, focus less on feelings of loss, take the time to envision my future state, and create a path to getting there. I'm inspired by the author's candor and courage! I also appreciate the suggested reading at the end."

"Only wish I would’ve known about this book sooner! Margaret King captures exactly how this experience can impact life and best practices to help you through!!"


The purpose of this book is first and foremost to let women know that their voice and insight matter. Secondly, it is to strengthen marriages and bring awareness of the issue of transference in the church. If you are wondering what transference is and why pastors, in particular, are extremely susceptible then you simply must read this book. Strong marriages build a legacy for generations to come.


Lastly, by sharing with you a painful and difficult chapter in her life and how she got to the other side perhaps others might be inspired to press on through a difficult season of their own. The theme for this book then would be hope. Hope is needed now in our world more than ever. There is nothing more powerful to move us forward into the abundant life that Jesus promised.

Vicki's It's Not All In Your Head Reviews...

"This book not only reveals the author's courage of sharing vulnerabilities but the courage to expose the powers which be; relatable across many arenas. Some have regard only for a challenge, as they see it, rather than any consequence of their choices. She persevered, holding the marital unit to the same standard she held for herself. Grateful to see hope, that of a husband who was able to see the world through his wife's eyes ...validating truth, and restoring honor to his home.Jesus told us the world wouldn't be easy but, eyes on Him, He makes the sufferings the very path of which we experience redemption. How intimately beautiful!"

"Vicki's book should be required reading for those training and currently serving in ministry. Transference is real and bringing it into the light will bring much-needed protection and healing to ministerial marriages. Her vulnerability to share hope and comfort is truly a God-send!"

"Awareness is a good gift, and it can help couples talk about concerns that may arise, behaviors they may notice, that could potentially cause pain and harm to many in a church community. In a culture where emotionally unhealthy relationships are so commonplace, where so many women and in need of compassionate listening, things can get messy quickly. Thank you, Vicki, for sharing your story."

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