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Meg's New Book COMING SOON

Meg King’s life experience as a child of divorced parents and having been divorced herself – as well as remarriage and blending of a family – have been monumental turning points. And while brokenness and pain were a big part of these stories - in time, they would be transformed to rebuild her stronger and wiser. Perhaps to be a light to others, to become her truest self, to live her purpose and love like God intended her to do.

The world and we, as people, have experienced brokenness in any number of ways – and divorce and its impacts are no different. Meg gives a realistic yet positive outlook to this body of work through a lens of healing, not shame. That is one thing we do NOT need in this earthly place – more shame.

Meg’s unique perspective calls her to help others heal, and to use her adversity and pain for goodness, transformation, and brilliance. Her simple (yet at the same time, complex) quest is to break that very cycle in every other family that may be on the cusp of it, right in the middle of it, or even better, to prevent it altogether!


She has collected stories and varied experiences from a small but insightful group of willing and gracious adult ‘children’ of divorce as research for this book. Those stories and other perspectives will guide the path to uncovering the past, recovering from pain, and discovering the passion in life.

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Vicki's New Book COMING SOON

Vicki's next book is focused on embracing the beauty of aging in a youth-obsessed culture. Everything around us today seems to be anti-aging. Creams, commercials, on and on. Once you reach a certain age, you may feel invisible to those around you. I would like to counter this by being pro-aging. Aging is a wonderful experience.


You tend to feel happier within and feel less of the need to prove yourself. You know who you are and no longer live for the expectations of others. You have freedom from responsibilities inherent in the younger years. Women can be their best selves at 60 plus. Having been around the block a few times there is wisdom to impart to others who are younger.


As we age, we can be in “full bloom” and truly be a blessing to others. Stories of women who have aged well with resiliency will be included as well as practices to make every year our best year in spite of some of the challenges and setbacks you may face in the aging process.

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